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What I


I believe that all people hold the potential for healing and growth within themselves. It’s my approach that you are the expert in your own life and therefore, you are capable of unearthing the tools for healing with the help of a compassionate and motivating therapist. I create a safe place to for us to explore and work together to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief and stress by introducing a new way of thinking and perspective about life stressors. This new thought pattern can transform your life and help you to heal your heart. I have a holistic approach that includes mindfulness, meditation, mind-body techniques, grounding exercises and humor. By using the therapist/client relationship, we can help to rewrite the narrative of your mind and reduce negative self-talk. I focus on highlighting your strengths to help facilitate your growth and unleash your full potential. Whether focusing on the past or present, I can help to release the baggage, reduce the noisiness of the mind and break down the barriers that can stifle your personal growth and self-actualization.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has acquired professional experience in working with adult men and women, teens, children and couples. I have worked with individuals and couples identifying with all genders and sexual orientations. I have cross-cultural, multi-faith and multi-racial knowledge and welcome all people to join me in the quest of enriching and improving their lives.

In addition to therapy, I am an intuitive Reiki Master who has practiced the healing arts for 28 years. For me, psychological health and spiritual health are one and the same. Call for details and a consultation to set up a session. 


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